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We Treat the Cause of the Pain With A Drug Free, Non-Surgical Approach Which Is Unmatched in Addressing Mild, Acute or Chronic Pain.

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Get Out of Pain Without Need for Drugs or Surgery

Dr. Gary Stephens


Dr. Gary Stephens – a native of Central Florida, has been a practicing Chiropractic Physician since 2002. He is a caring and highly experienced chiropractor. His emphasis is in treating connective tissue, which he’s found is central to alleviating chronic pain.

Dr. Stephens believes in the power of one’s body for healing. His goal is to get to the source of the problem and offer a plan to his patients that will help them see results.


College of Central Florida
University of Central Florida
Studied Chiropractic Medicine at Life University

Delivering Relief with a Proven Approach

We Love Patients Who Have...
"Tried Everything Else."

We deliver:

  • A Proven Technique Developed Over The Last 20 Years.
  • A Pain Free & Non-Surgical Treatment
  • A Truly Comfortable & Friendly Environment
  • Maximum Patient Results Quickly
  • A Collaborative Approach to Patient Care

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Get Out of Pain Without the Need for Drugs or Surgery