Ocala Neck Pain Physician: Dr. Gary Stephens

We Treat the Cause of the Pain With A Drug Free, Non-Surgical Approach Which Is Unmatched in Addressing Mild, Acute or Chronic Pain.

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Ocala Neck Pain Doctor: Dr. Gary Stephens


Neck Pain can either occur in the neck and/or shoulders and can vary in intensity and symptoms, such as feeling achy to tingling to even an electrical shock from the neck to the arm.

A good assessment is the first step to wellness.

The Mayo Clinic states that you should see a doctor immediately if you:

  • Experience pain after trauma or injury
  • Feel weakness in an arm or leg
  • Have trouble walking
  • Develop a high fever

Additionally they suggest to make an appointment to see a doctor if you:

  • Have headache, numbness, or tingling
  • Feel pain that lasts for several weeks
  • Notice symptoms getting worse despite self-treatment
  • Experience pain that radiates down one or both arms or legs

Our approach works best for chronic neck pain sufferers and addresses the underlying pain issues associated with neck pain.

Chronic neck pain is neck pain that persists for more than 12 weeks.

So if you have neck pain, it’s critically important to schedule a comprehensive evaluation as soon as possible.

Our approach allows us to, in many cases, successfully identify and treat the underlying causes of the acute or chronic neck pain all without drugs or surgery.

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Get Out of Pain Without the Need for Drugs or Surgery