Ocala Auto Accident Injury Physician: Dr. Gary Stephens

We Treat the Cause of the Pain With A Drug Free, Non-Surgical Approach Which Is Unmatched in Addressing Mild, Acute or Chronic Pain.


Ocala Auto Accident Injury Physician: Dr. Gary Stephens


Ocala Auto Accident Injury Physician

Auto accident injuries in Ocala, or anywhere else for that matter, can be devastating.

Beyond just inconveniences, injury and trauma are often present, sometimes significant.

Things like connective tissue injuries, which are often misdiagnosed, or not reported as the result of an accident, can take an extremely long time to heal. Minimal, mild, or even significant trauma to the neck, lower back, shoulders and even knees often go unreported.

A good evaluation is key to your financial and physical health after an Ocala auto accident injury.

In the state of Florida, someone who is involved in an auto accident has a two week window due to insurance requirements.

At Stephens Clinic we take a more integrated approach to your physical and financial care coupling our extensive experience and training with other medical doctors, including neurologists, neurosurgeons, and regular physicians.

Based on our comprehensive evaluation we will tell you what’s wrong, give you recommendations and prescribe a custom diagnosis and treatment plan to help restore your health after your Ocala auto injury accident.


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